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Survey of the Outcome of Management of the Charcot foot

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The first project to be undertaken by CDUK and that for which funding has been made available by Diabetes UK is to determine how well the acute Charcot foot heals in response to current management.

In brief, the survey will require participants to register core clinical details of all newly presenting cases of acute Charcot foot in diabetes. Needless to say, these details will be anonymised and the people who have the condition will not be identifiable from them. Having undertaken the baseline registration, the professional who registers the case will receive a request for update information each 3 months. In this way we will be assemble a picture of just how well people do, and whether outcome is associated with any particular treatment.

This project will be starting in early 2005 and professionals who may be interested in taking part are invited to register their interest (see below).

The Future

Once the first survey is completed, our intention is CDUK will form the basis of a research network which will allow clinicians from all over the UK to participate in collaborative work. It is also intended that it will become a resource for people who suffer from the condition giving them access to information and support which they may not otherwise have.

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