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This is the home page of a new collaborative organisation designed to increase understanding of the causes and best management of the Charcot foot in diabetes. Since the organisation is concerned with the study of Charcot in Diabetes in the UK, it is known as CDUK.

It was established as a result of discussions between a number of professionals working in the field, and was launched following the receipt of a grant from Diabetes UK in November 2004. It has been aided by the University of Nottingham and enjoys the support of the professional journal, The Diabetic Foot.

The aim of CDUK is primarily scientific, and designed to enable professionals undertake studies designed to define the causes and best management of the condition. It has no commercial conflicts of interest and is none profit-making.

CDUK will be run by a team of doctors, podiatrists and nurses, and other interested professionals. Those on the current management group are:

   Neil Baker (Ipswich)
William Jeffcoate (Nottingham)
Ed Jude (Tameside, Lancashire).
  Mike Edmonds (London)
Geraint Jones (Blackburn)

Interested professionals can obtain further information from:

Sheila Clarkson 01254 294560

William Jeffcoate 01158 405859

Ryan Catlow 01254 294560

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